CRM Automation


Use AI to unlock new dimensions in ​customer relationships

In our CRM product, AI is used not just as a supporting technology,

but as a core driver.

This enables highly customer-centric and specific sales and ​communication across the entire end-to-end journey.

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fully automated

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GDPR & bank compliant


seamless integration

We are not just a CRM with an LLM.

Our LLM is your CRM.

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Experience how the future of sales and service can shape your customer relations.

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AI sales agents automate your ​Customer Relationship

Let me relieve your ​service department. I ​can answer up to 80% ​of your service calls.

Joachim, Electr​ical techni​cian

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Let me identify leads. I ​can convert them as ​new customers.

Felicitas, E-commerce ​expert

Leave it to me to ​conduct the initial ​discussions and ​prepare the deal.

Peter Flink, Insu​rance E​xpert

Let me filter and pre-​qualify inbound ​contacts. I set up and ​prepare your initial ​appointment.

Jana, Paralegal

Let me generate for ​you interested leads ​through outbound ​LinkedIn.

Alexander, Sales ​Expert

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Our Journey

We all come from different professional backgrounds, but we share ​the same vision for our CRM product - a vision that achieves what ​other CRM software can only dream of.

Mainition GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2020 by international

CRM and AI experts. Through innovative consulting we quickly ​acquired Fortune 500 customers and developed idea of an LLM-​based CRM system.

Our company was born out of consulting in the AI field, where we ​have already created innovative solutions. Now, we are taking it a ​step further and leveraging our expertise to deliver an exceptional ​CRM experience. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey ​and see for yourself what our product can do. Experience the ​power of our technology and discover the future of Customer ​Relationship Management.


CRM Automation

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Stefan Karer

Co-CEO, Software Architect

12 years of software ​development experience. Ex-​Salesforce architect. Operated ​and improved the CRM system ​in a large German bank for 2 ​years.

Meet the team


Dr. Shashank Pathak

Co-CEO, AI Architect

PhD in AI, IIT, Genoa,

Technion Haifa and Oxford.

Employed as Chief Architect in ​a large German automotive ​supplier.


Dr. Andreas Alin

Co-CEO, IT-Compliance

8 years consulting experience, ​leading the AI team of a ​consulting firm.

2 years as CTO for a fintech ​company.

Built regulated agile software ​development organizations for ​top tier banks and exchanges.


Orkhan Taghizade

Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer w​ith more than 5 years of e​xperience. Several projects f​or well-known clients creating c​ustom software applications.


Aleksandra Rischo

Marketing & Strategy

Master of Science in New ​Media Marketing with two ​years of experience in retail ​digitization consulting and ​project management. ​Experienced in developing and ​implementing innovative ​online marketing strategies ​and campaigns.

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CRM Automation


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